Amy's Nested Iron Condor Trade Alerts

The Nested Iron Condor Trade is a high probability trade that can be done on Indexes, Stocks or ETFs.

What is the Nested Iron Condor Trade?

An Iron Condor put on in slices (or "tranches") normally about 60 to 70 days before expiration. The nesting feature refers to Amy's overlapping of the different slices of the trade

="AmyThe Nested Iron Condor trade are two Iron Condor spreads nested within each other. The short strikes are spread over two strikes.

The Nested Iron Condor trade has several objectives:

Amy trades the RUT index and sends out trade alerts via email and SMS text message in real time so you can follow along. Trade messages, screen shots, weekly trade reviews, trade history and more are on the Nested Iron Condor member web page. You can ask Amy questions about the trade on the member web page.


RUT Nested Iron Condor Trading Results

Yield on
Maximum Margin
Jan-2011 1.46%
Feb-2011 12.57%
Mar-2011 8.86%
Apr-2011 7.74%
May-2011 12.31%
Jun-2011 7.78%
Jul-2011 9.44%
Aug-2011 8.30%
Oct-2011 8.84%
Nov-2011 8.48%
Dec-2011 5.91%
Jan-2012 6.70%
Feb-2012 5.90%
Mar-2012 3.50%
Apr-2012 5.60%
May-2012 7.20%
Jun-2012 6.90%
Jul-2012 6.60%
Aug-2012 8.40%
Sep-2012 4.60%
Oct-2012 3.80%
Nov-2012 4.00%
Dec-2012 3.00%
Jan-2013 3.56%
Feb-2013 -4.89%
Mar-2013 2.29%
Apr-2013 7.09%
May-2013 7.26%
Jun-2013 2.77%
Jul-2013 2.09%
Aug-2013 7.18%
Sep-2013 9.62%
Oct-2013 7.15%
Nov-2013 0.14%
Dec-2013 4.55%
May-2016 4.39%
Jun-2016 2.59%
Jul-2016 8.11%
Aug-2016 3.44%
Sep-2016 -2.28%
Oct-2016 3.97%
Nov-2016 5.17%
Dec-2016 3.60%
Jan-2017 -4.73%
Feb-2017 7.88%
Average 5.31%

In 2014 and 2015 Amy concentrated on her Weirdor strategy and didn’t trade the Nested Iron Condor each month during those years. However here’s what one of her students had to say about it who has been consistently trading the strategy since taking her Nested IC class in 2013:

Dated June 1, 2015

Hi Amy,

Just a brief note to thank you far all you did to teach me how to trade your Nested HPIC strategy. While I have made a couple of little tweaks to suit my trading personality, my plan is essentially your plan.

So far this year, I have not had a losing trade. I am still in JULY, but have half of the Call side off and am up about 5% on max margin. In the (now) seven months of this year, I have only had to make five total adjustments. All my trades have been closed with contingent orders.

Trading your strategy has allowed us to generate enough monthly income to pay for our multi-month trips to Europe and the Caribbean and to donate to our favorite charities, as well.

Again, thank you VERY MUCH and ALL THE BEST!

Then again on Feb 24, 2016 he wrote:

Hi, Amy:

I am sorry that I will miss your roundtable discussion this afternoon. We are in the Caribbean for a couple of months and had committed to a cocktail party this afternoon before I got Tom's email.

Just know that I am still trading the Nested HPIC successfully. It is SO easy to manage, even in the Caribbean where we have some occasional internet issues.

A couple of months this year (2016) were small losers, but I have my April trade on now and it is in the center of the graph after two early Put side adjustments, and is currently up 5+% with half of my Call side off.

Thanks again for introducing me to this strategy.

Bob H - Somewhere in the Carribean

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